East Africa Web & Software are is a web and software development company started in 2013 by a small contingent of college graduates for the sole purpose of bringing world class but affordable access to interneet and software solutions.

Websites generally provide information about a business or goup and their products which in turn offer potential customers an insight into the company’s background, products and services, this information gives prospective clients assurance, helping them to make a more informed choice of with whom to deal. Some sites also offer the client the chance to purchase directly from their website.

Many small and medium sized enterprises may have thought about a web-based presence, but are put off by the relative high costs, yet this website could return a serious amount of revenue over a period of time.

With the inception of East Africa Web & Softare, every small and medium sized business’ ambition for an on-line digital presence has been made that much closer through our affordable prices, and competent services. This is the reason why East Africa Web & Software was developed. Our overrall objective is to simplify business communication, advertising , markeketing capabilities and encourage the use of the world wide web and Software to open up every day east African business’ to the regions ever-growing markets and beyond.


To serve and to protect the interest of our Clients through providing the best services available.

To achieve excellence in providing services and to encourage their practice and use through employing the ever evolving information and communication technologies.

To provide both the private and public sector with innovatve & robust solutions that exploit the potential of cutting -edge Informaton Technologies. This we do by listening closely to the needs of our clients as they grapple to align new technologies with business strategies.

To provide clients with high quality, appropriate, total Informaton Technology Solutions, at cost-effective rates, along with the required on-going service and support.

The hallmark of eawsdevelopers is the delivery of exceptional sevices and solutions. This we do by continuously instilling awareness of total quality principles amongst our professional staff and embracing change, constant improvement, diversity, technology and innovaton; we strive to ensure the delivery of ultimate client saisfaction.


  • Strong history of excellent performance

    Our profile shows that we are an IT consultants and Application Development house, experts in Business/System Analysis & Architecture and in providing small/medium/large scale organizations and enterprises with fully integrated Windows & Web Applications for a complex environments, such as Document Management & Archiving System (DMAS), Hospital Management Informaton System (HMIS), Customer Relatonship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management System ECMS, Enterprise Portals, E-Commerce,…etc.

  • Punctuality

    We take into consideraton the importance of meet deadlines; our projects are delivered on or before the due date. We didn't have any delay in delivering any of our projects.

  • Reliability

    Our proven reliability means that you can count on us to continue delivering our services no matter what the circumstances. Also, we deliver rapid and the best return on investment "ROI" solutons for our customers

  • Sustainability

    Through minimizing maintenance and support requirements by providing you with sustainable solutons .

  • Experience

    Our experience enables us to focus on helping our clients to achieve their missions and not just on meeting contractual requirements.

  • Risk Management

    Identify, meditate and track project risks to ensure that trade-offs and decisions are made in an informed manner. Also, sharing the risks so that all parties invloved can parcipate in mitigating the risks and prevent negative outcomes.

  • Client Partnership

    We form a partnership with our customers which ensure their participation in the development and implementaton process and keep them in the loop regarding project events.

  • Multi-lingual

    We consider this as one of the most distinguished features that we have. We worked in many Bi /multilingual applications,Platforms and portals and our profile shows that, we succeeded in providing our clients with what they need and expect from their systems and from us.

  • Quality

    Dedicated quality assurance team to further accentuate quality norms.

  • Highly Qualified Staff

    Our staff is the most distinguished features and we are very proud to have such a staff. They are highly qualified both academically and from an experience point of view. They are given extensive training and they are trained on state-of-the-art techniques of consultaton, analysis, QA, development, deployment, training and support. We always look for commitment in the staff, dynamic character, innovaton and acceleration in learning.

  • Adherence to standards

    We adhere to the worldwide technical concepts such as: Structure Unity, Agile and Open architecture because we believe that the sofware and data are one of the most valuable assets to our customers, thus changing the hardware should not affect the software applications. We use RDBMS (MS SQL SERVER, Oracle and MYSQL), .NET technology, MS SharePoint, MS Dynamics CRM, AJAX, Visual Studio, Java scripts and Flash. Issues such as security, integrity, consistency and standards are always addressed and always taken care of in our design and development.



Our clients have repeatedly told us that our key differentiation is the caliber and talents of our staff. It has always been our goal to build our reputatin and solid practices by hiring the best IT professionals, driving them through rigorous industry leading certification programs and puƫ them to work at solving business problems.

We believe that the best technologies supplemented with the robust technical skills of our staff will result in a unique blend of background and experience that can be efficiently utilized in a wide range of business challenges.

Our staff consists of highly educated professionals and experts employees in the fields of: Business/System Analysis; System Architects; DB Analysis / Administraton / Design and Development; .Net experts & Art of design coders; Server’s Administrators ; Security experts; Document Management & Archiving experts; SharePoint Experts; Management Informaton System of HR, Financial, Inventory & Registraton with business process and process flow analyst experts; ERP and CRM experts; Web Masters experts; Graphic Designers experts; E - Learning Experts; Project Management Experts; Business Intelligent BI experts and QA experts.


EAWS DEVELOPERS’ main goal is to create solutons on the basis of excellent features to meet the needs of customers in the local and internatonal region. To achieve that goal, the company worked to expand its technical and business ability to provide customers with desired features and solutions by developing its own technical programmable resources, expanding its resources in terms of technical and programming tools.

EAWS DEVELOPERS Works with: Visual Studio .Net, ASP .NET, Java, XML, XSL, HTML, VBA, MS SQL Server, Oracle, BI SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS, Crystal Reports, AJAX, Silverlight, Photoshop, Corel sofware, Xara, Flash , LightWave 3D, 3D Max Studio, GIF Animation...and many other supporort tools.

EAWS DEVELOPERS – built a good knowledge in creating multilingual applications and Portals especially in Swahili/English, and developed special tools for that purpose.