Network Installation and Troubleshooting

A computer network connects various hardware devices within an organisation, allowing these devices to talk to each other and users to share information across the network. These will typically include desktop PCs, phones and printers.

Whether a network connects users within a single building or links various locations together, the benefits to your company are numerous and invaluable. Efficiency and reliability of communication are essential to modern businesses which require fast response times and secure data handling.

We project manage the creation of a new network or the expansion or replacement of an existing network and our services include planning and designing the network, laying the appropriate cabling, procuring and installing the right hardware and software and even providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Computer Network Installation Services:

Network Cabling Installation: Devices on a LAN must be connected with physical cables. They’ll commonly run under the floor of an office and terminate in ‘network points’ where computers and phones are connected. These will then usually run to a server – a computer dedicated to performing network tasks and which might comprise separate modules for emails, databases etc. The server hub will also connect your network with the outside world via an internet connection. We'll help you decide which type of cables you need and the best way to install them.

Hardware and Software Procurement: Outsourcing your IT purchasing to us on a project basis ensures that all your hardware and software will be compatible, fit for purpose, delivered in a timely fashion and installed professionally.

Remote Hosting: If you have no space for running your own servers or no staff for maintaining them you can outsource hosting of your network to us as a hosting supplier. This way you’ll have access to all your files, email and database functions via a VPN.

Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery: A business’s data is often one of its most valuable assets and also a huge liability in the event of theft or loss. We can supply security consultation to make sure your network is safe and secure from threats. We also provide backup and disaster recovery services to ensure that you’re always Data Protection Act compliant and have business continuity plans in place for unforeseen circumstances.

IT Support and Maintenance: We provide after care services for a certain period after the installation.